Welcome to Orchids by Richard

I am happy to share with you photos of Orchid Blooms from my Orchid Plants in my Orchid House at home. I have grown varieties of Orchids, from Dendrobiums, Oncidiums, Phlaenopsis, Cattleyas, Vandas to some Ground Orchids like Cymbidiums and Epidendrums.
My first orchid plant was a miniature white Dendrubium. I was inspired to grow some more after I saw the first bloom of my very first orchid plant here in California, and I am quite successful in growing them, to pass some boaring times. Each time it blooms, I take a picture for it will not be the same with the next one. Now I am sharing them with you.
I hope you will enjoy the photographs and a few videos of my little Orchid Collection, and I thank you for visiting my blog.

a beautiful Cascading Orchid Bridal Bouquet, made of Vandas, Catleyas, Palaenopsis and Dendrobium Orchiids
An Orchid corsage

CATLEYA: Endless Summer 'Poem' x Encyclia Mariae #2

Orchids Bloom In May

May 12, 2011

VANDA: Mok. Chark Kuem, Red

CATLEYA: Aqui Finn Splish Splash
CATLEYA: Lc. Purperata 'Moal Indigo' x Cintermedia
Coeruleu x Amethystoglossa




CATLEYA: "Ports of Paradise"

CATLEYA: Blc. Cornerstone Hawaii

The Bee

EPIDENDURM: Soft orange


VANDA: 50th State Beauty

CATTLEYA: Slc. Hello Sport "Intrigue"


VANDA: Ascda. Yarnisa Gold / V. Darres Golden Heritage x Anant Gold